The results of the 30th International Olympiad of schoolchildren “Tuymaada” named after M.A. Alekseev have been summed up

Просмотров - 1972

The traditional Olympiad of schoolchildren “Tuymaada” was held this year from July 2 to 10 on the basis of the Sakha Junior Science Academy. The organizers of the Olympiad are the Ministry of Education and Science of the RS (Ya), MAN RS (Ya) and the North-Eastern Federal University. The innovation of this year in comparison with the previous pandemic years, when the Olympiad was held in full-time and distance format, can be called the fact that this year’s Physics Olympiad was held only in full-time format, according to the decision of the methodological commission, due to difficulties in organizing and evaluating the experimental tour. A total of 215 students took part in the Olympiad, 64 of them in full-time format. There were participants from 9 regions of the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk Region, Moscow Region, Republic of Tatarstan, Penza Region, Voronezh Region, Republic of Buryatia, Sverdlovsk Region, Stavropol Territory and Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) and 4 foreign countries (Kazakhstan, Romania, Singapore, Indonesia).

We sincerely congratulate all the prize-winners and winners of the Olympiad! We wish you further success, prosperity and achievement of your goals. We look forward to the next academic year!

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