Programme 2021 – 30 July

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Olympiad: checking works in mathematics.

Mathematical problem solutions published


The start of the appeal on the ZOOM platform for the senior league in physics

PO “Tuymaada” 2021 Senior league Time: 30 Jul. 2021 (15:00 AM Yakutsk)

Join a Zoom meeting

Conference ID: 922 9874 4369 Access Code: 534730


Master class “Articulatory gymnastics” from the library SMART 2.0.3  ZOOM

In this challenging time of the pandemic, the SMART 2.0.3 library will hold a zoom meeting to show a master class in articulatory gymnastics.
This complex of movements includes various exercises to improve one’s diction (elocution) and breathing practices to relieve stress and tension from the body.  This practice can be used in the future before a critical speech performance, an exam, or an upcoming Olympiad 🙂  At the end of the master class, there will be a “Guess the melody” game using the famous compositions.  We look forward to your active participation. See you soon!


Mammoth Museum. P.A. Lazareva