Programme 2021 – 25 July

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XXVIII International Tuymaada Olympiad for High School Students in Mathematics, Physics and Computer science.

 Opening Ceremony


Welcome to Yakutia

Buluus is a natural monument of Yakutia. The total area of ​​the territory is 1105 hectares. A unique source of groundwater forms ice of pure fresh water that does not melt even on the hottest days. The thickness of the ice in July reaches up to 3 meters. The Ice Kingdom seems to be a perfect fantasy on a hot summer day among green grass and tall conifers. And in winter, even in severe frosts, outlets of water appear on the surface of the blue ice, which spreads over the surface of the ice and freezes.


Khomus Museum 
  Olena UUTAi. Jaw Harp mystery