Programme 2020 – Day 4

Просмотров - 1777



Works checking

  Museum and Center of the khomus of the peoples of the world
  Toybohoy Republican Historical and Local Lore Complex G.E. Bessonova, Suntarsky ulus

Learn about culture of the peoples of the North:


Smart games“Northern mind games”
Here you will get acquainted with the newspapers “Yunost Severa” and “Keskil” project, as well as “Intellectual Games” developed by publishing house “Keskil”,
you will have to play these games about the geography, history and cuisine of Yakutia. 


Online quiz “History of Russia” kahoot

Dear participants of the International Olympiad! We offer a competition on the theme “History of Yakutia”, which is held on the board game, the historical lotto “My Yakutia”, the authors of which are the methodologists of the Historical Park “Russia – My History” Viktor Borisov and Sargylana Nikitin. Up to 50 children can take part in the game. Questions have three answers, one of which is correct. During the game, the participants of the game learn about key dates, events and personalities in the history of Yakutia. Good luck!


Master class “Hotugu Sulus (North Star)”  (making a puzzle)

Making a puzzle: for the lesson you need to have thick A4 cardboard, preferably colored, compasses, pencil and scissors.

The master class will be conducted by Anisya Innokentyevna Prokhorova, a teacher of the subject “Technology” of the highest category, a folk master.


Art workshop “Northern Patterns” (painting)

It is necessary to prepare: artistic gouache, brushes to choose from: artificial, bristle, protein (wide, medium, different in cross section, round, flat), A4 and A3 paper, a jar of water.

The master class will be conducted by Tuyara Efimovna Shaposhnikova, graphic artist, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, head. Department of Painting and Graphics of the Arctic State Institute of Culture and Arts.